Spadafora announces: ‘Two Serie A matches in the clear, here we are’. Here are what they are and how | First page


Serie A in the clear, another step forward. Confirmation comes from the Minister of Sports, Vincenzo Spadafora, which during the registration of Door to door, aired tonight, explained: “We are at a good point, I had the availability of all the subjects. If I had only had that of Sky, we would have had problems. We have to find forms that guarantee everyone, we could offer the highlights in less time. In 24-48 hours we should have a solution. How many free games? I think a couple. ” THE MODES – It echoes it Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Serie A, who spoke by videoconference to explain the initiatives related to tomorrow’s Coppa Italia final. The CEO said: “We are being defined. Where it will be possible to broadcast two matches in the clear, one should be Atalanta-Sassuolo and the other, by Dazn, it could be Verona-Cagliari. The first will be live on Tv8, the second on the broadcaster’s youtube channel. There will be no advertising: it is an exception, we are talking about a pay right sold at important figures, we must detach ourselves as little as possible from what has already been defined. The other news is that the highlights at the end of the race will be available for the broadcasters who purchased them. ”

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