SpaceX, the Starlink satellites in orbit. Bright trail and spectacular passage over Italy – Il Tempo


Another 60 constellation satellites Starlink in orbit. The eighth mission for i left yesterday from Cape Canaveral, Florida Starlink satellites of SpaceX, intended to provide broadband internet connection across the globe. At 21.40 the satellites passed over southern Italy but were also visible from the north.

The expedition brings the total number of satellites of the constellation designed by the company to 482 Elon Musk. SpaceX it plans to build a constellation of 12,000 satellites to provide fast internet service to customers around the world, particularly those in the most remote areas that are not covered by cable broadband. According to Musk, at least 400 satellites are needed before SpaceX can begin distributing minimal internet coverage and at least 800 satellites to provide moderate coverage and that the first services may begin to be delivered later this year.

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