SpaceX brings Dallara’s ingenuity into orbit



Things belong to those who take them. Of those who have the courage and the means to do it. It happens in the small and in everyday life as it happens in exceptional occasions and in the immensely large. Proof? An event a few days ago that is already history and that fired a piece of Parmesan ingenuity into orbit: the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, the company of Tesla’s father, Elon Musk.

«Space has become a market. We think it is good for everyone, but with this launch it has become a market governed by reasons of efficiency ». Andrea Toso, responsible for the vehicle dynamics at Dallara, the company from Varano that creates the supercars that speed in Indianapolis and that has been involved, goes beyond the mere news – the launch of the Crew Dragon from Cape Canaveral on Saturday in the ambitious SpaceX project. But the search for what was planned for the launch on Saturday meets a firm and courteous “no comment”.

No problem, however, in explaining the revolution that should travel space travel between now and the next few years.

«There is already talk of space tourism, so much so that the spacecraft is designed to accommodate four passengers, in addition to the two crew members. This will be the frontier of extreme luxury », anticipates Toso, who has already had to do with space in the past, but for purely scientific reasons.

He was entrusted with the guidance of the Dallara team of engineers and technicians called to design and build the probe drill which in 2014 drilled the comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko, during the Rosetta mission, developed by the European Space Agency.

Compared to the scientific intent of that mission, the launch of the Crew Dragon responds to criteria of profit, costs and investments. «In this project everything is aimed at efficiency. Even the astronauts are two instead of the usual three ».

With the launch of a spacecraft built by a private company and not by NASA, has the desire for knowledge taken a step backwards compared to the laws of supply and demand typical of the market? Maybe it’s too early to draw this conclusion. What is certain is that, according to the Americans, space is a place to do business.

«At SpaceX they are convinced that this idea of ​​space travel can have a demand and consequently also an offer. Let’s not forget that tourism is also an industry, “he comments, confident of the existence of a few millionaires” willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to space and go back without doing anything. ”

Just, so to speak, a trip out of Earth. A very expensive trip and for a few overflowing people. All of this will happen over a “few years”, assures Toso.

“NASA, which has made its launch ramps available in Cape Canaveral, has reserved a number of flights for its own purposes, but it is now clear that the space has been made commercial.”

In fact, Virgin Bractic by Richard Branson and Boing are also working on space flights for money tourists. “Of course, in addition to Musk’s company, others are coming. There will be competition, in a market there can be no monopoly ». Because anyone, by paying, can dream of flying among the stars.

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