Space, Beidou almost complete: China has its own GPS system


China has almost completely completed its geolocation satellite network Beidou which will make the country independent of the GPS (Global Positioning System) of the United States of America.

To complete the network of satellites in orbit of the Beidou system, only one last satellite is missing, which will be launched in the coming days by China. The satellite BDS-3 it is on board the Chinese carrier Long March-3B and is already placed on the launch pad.

The departure scheduled for Tuesday 16 June has been postponed due to a technical problem that occurred during the pre-launch tests, we learn from the press release distributed by the project.

Because China made Beidou

The Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) it was entirely built and launched into orbit by China with the aim of having a network of geolocation satellites independent of the USA.

The goal is also military, in the event of a hypothetical conflict against the USA the communist government could rely on its independent system.

In addition to military uses, the system is provided as a support for the transport sector, agriculture and forests, the fishing sector, for the hydrogeological monitoring of the Chinese territory, to provide an alternative communication system, for disaster cases. natural or man-made.

The system is also capable of providing accurate time synchronization.

Coverage of Beidou

According to the information provided by the project website, the BDS-1 satellite launched in 2012 covered the Chinese territory, the BDS-2 satellite covered the Asia-Pacific region, while the latter launch will serve to provide global coverage of the geolocation.

Benefits and costs

Beidou is provided free of charge as the American GPS system and this will allow competing development of Beidou-based navigation systems.

It can be assumed that the Chinese naval navigation and transport systems will gradually move to Beidou, thus detaching themselves from the “monitoring” of the US system.

We will gradually see electronic devices appear on the market, and in particular satellite navigators, also compatible with Beidou.

Very interesting is its ability to provide a message sending system, which makes it a very useful alternative communication system in case of emergency. In practice, if you find yourself in an emergency and your mobile phone does not pick up, by using Beidou’s message communication channel, you will still be able to ask for help.

Future developments

The system is not as complete, but provides for a second phase of future development to be carried out by 2035. It provides for the establishment of a more omnipresent, integrated and intelligent national positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) system.

Financial implications

The full global operation of Beidou opens up new perspectives and presents us with a scenario in which China will have a greater influence on many geographical areas where it is already present. Now it will be able to provide partner countries with navigation systems that integrate with existing technologies, “retaining” the loyalty of international partners even more.

After all, this is what the GPS system of the USA has done in these decades.

Those who would like to direct their investments towards Asia, now have one more element to analyze and reflect on. Investment opportunities are around the corner.

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