“Sorry, I’m full of Toradol …”. Here’s what’s going on


Up Leggo.it the latest updates. Pierluigi Diaco feels bad Me and you: Sorry, I’m full of Toradol …». Today, the conductor of Rai1’s living room decided to go on the air despite not being well before the live broadcast. During the interview with Claudio Lippi, Diaco explained what had happened.Read also> Rita Dalla Chiesa displaces everyone to you and me: «I made love there …». Pierluigi Diaco reacts like this

I have a severe migraine – he explains -. I’ve been suffering from it for many years, I didn’t sleep tonight. I have a domineering form, if you don’t take the drugs in time, it risks persisting and persists, but this is the most beautiful job in the world».

Lippi tries to play down: «But did you get a headache because I’m here? You can see that your eye is a little off, but on the other hand with me in front …». Laughter in the studio.

Last updated: Friday 12 June 2020, 18:04


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