Sonny is Sara Shaimi’s choice


Sara Shaimi has chosen: her choice is Sonny Di Meo.

As expected, Sara Shaimi chose Sonny Di Meo. Even if their path has been a continuous ups and downs of emotions, he is the man who wants next. IS he said … yes.

While the tronista waits for him at the center of the study, she is agitated, anxious. Then finally he arrives and she lights up immensely. “You’re a crash,” he says. “It’s strange to see you,” she replies. “I waited 82 days to hear from you,” he replies. Then it’s up to her to talk, try to tell him how she feels about that suitor who drove her crazy.

When I got here what I hoped to find was true love, ” Sara confesses to him that when he felt his gaze on him, he tried to “avoid him always, because you looked at me and I didn’t understand you, I didn’t understand why your actions were different than your eyes. Precisely for this reason I tried to ignore those looks, because for me they meant confusion ”. This confusion did not make her run away, however.

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Sara explains to Sonny why it’s her choice

“Often at home I tried to understand, I asked myself: why does this boy confuse me so much? We tried to mend our relationship and when I said that I was ready to put everything aside and live it, the pandemic broke out, “Shaimi is saddened. Who at that moment feared to lose everything. had “again fears, shortcomings, doubts. I didn’t know what to think. I have often wondered if I was thinking about it or, in your own style, you would have disappeared. You know very well that it is difficult for me to speak, I struggle a lot, but today here I give the green light to what my mind has thought in these days, what my stomach has transmitted to me. I haven’t missed the time, “says Sara, who then points out:”I always thought of one name. The desire to have that enveloping, attentive and determined look on you again. This pandemic took away so many important things for me, except the emotions I feel for you. IS today I want your gaze on me again. You are my choice “.

Sonny explains why he says yes

Now it’s up to Sonny Di Meo explain to Sara why he also wants to live the path that started with men and women even outside the television studios: “You are right, our knowledge has been of ups and downs, I am so sorry that unfortunately most of the time I have shown you the worst of me “, he admitted unconditionally.

“At the beginning of this bad period I brought home the memory of the beautiful emotions we experienced together, but I realize that the most important thing is that now I find a part of me that I had long lost and all of this happened thanks to you. I can’t hide from you that I never stopped thinking about you, I never stopped feeling the need for you. Then if before it was a probability, now my yes is a certainty“.

The two get up, take each other by the hand, the red petals fall on them, their smiles illuminate them both. Tiziano Ferro acts as a soundtrack. The two boys cannot be kissed, they cannot be touched. Then suddenly he goes out and brings her a splendid bouquet of flowers. Their story can begin.

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