Son of the student, the mother of the teenager in tears: “He ruined his life”


Prato, June 1, 2020 – After reading the judgment of first degree, with the conviction at six and a half years for the woman and at one year and 8 months of her husband, it’s time for comments. She, 32 years old, accused and sentenced for violence sexual on a minor, he had a son with the boy – now sixteen – to whom he gave repetitions. However, he sentenced without discounts of punishment, such as that of a third party who would instead have taken action in the event of a shortened rite, which was not celebrated because the judge at the time accepted an application from the civil party concerning the lack of a special power of attorney.

The first to speak is the mother of the sixteen, the lust: it is the first time since the scandal that the woman takes the floor publicly. He remained silent until the sentence, but today he decided to face the notebooks of the reporters, accompanied by the lawyer Roberta Roviello. “I am satisfied with the sentence – she said – The truth has come out. That woman has spoiled my son abused him for over a year and a half and ruined his life. “At this point she burst into tears:” I know that in the middle there is a life innocent who did not deserve all this, but for now my son does not want to know about it, he is following a psychological path. I know I am grandmother but besides, I have to think about my son’s good. ”

Then the two convicts went out with their lawyers, Mattia Alfano and Massimo Nistri. The 32-year-old said: “The truth is another, you will see” and in this moment “I am only interested in going home to my children and I don’t feel like saying anything else”.

“Without the constant postponements, without being continually listened to, far from a continuous review of the facts that does not make the family atmosphere peaceful, our client is finally calm” the lawyer reiterates to Adnkronos Maximum Nistri, legal with the woman’s colleague Mattia Alfano. “The task of this defense was to react and bring out the veiled accusation of pedophilia, the reiteration and the suspected enticement of other minors out of the procedural events – adds the lawyer – We are still satisfied for having brought the whole story back on the right bed not having a person who suffers from measures based on accusations which were later found to be without foundation “. The woman, in fact, is now free, the domiciliaries were revoked at the end of February and she is now awaiting the resumption of the sentence for which it will take years. “The punishment that has been commensurate with the facts as interpreted does not, moreover, imply the precautionary measure – reiterate the two lawyers – We are not dealing with a bloody body, a knife found at the crime scene whereby the fact or it is black or white. It is a very complex factual story in the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. We started from a situation in which the procedural reality was different from the factual reality that came out, now we are waiting for the reasons “.

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