Soldiers against demonstrators, are you kidding me?


Even with strokes of tweet, in addition to the tumultuous streets of America, it is done today in the USA there protest after death of George Floyd. After the unrest, violence, repression, the President Trump armed with the Bible, while all around burns, the writers and intellectuals of the United States also take the field. One of those who never denied his public disapproval of Donald Trump is Stephen King. The bestselling author, recently in bookstores in Italy with his latest “If blood flows”, thundered from his very popular profile twitter, reaching hundreds of thousands of comments and retweets in a few hours.

“Armed soldiers against peaceful protestors? With the president’s enthusiastic approval? Are you shitting me?” tweeted from his profile the author of “It” and “The shadow of the scorpion”. That is: “Armed soldiers against peaceful demonstrators? With the president’s enthusiastic approval? Are you kidding me?” Indeed making it against the choice and invitation of the American president to use the army for report the order in the US streets burned by protests after the suffocation of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. The fact that, in these hours, to end up overwhelmed by the repression of the police are mainly i peaceful protesters, infuriated the writer who, from his home in Maine, lashed out tonight against choosing to use the army.

Stephen King against Donald Trump: the saga continues

On April 10, Stephen King had already embarked on his battle against the US President since his management of the Coronavirus emergency: “It is true that the only hotel in Las Vegas that does not offer rooms and food to health professionals is the Trump International? ” he had written in a tweet. The author’s message had revealed a noteworthy contradiction. On the one hand, the political Trump, who praises the hotels that house healthcare workers, on the other the Trump businessman who closes his hotels in crisis.

King’s latest book in the library

From 12 May it arrived in Italian bookstores “If blood flows“(pp. 512, € 21.90), a collection of four stories on fear signed by Stephen King and published by Sperling & Kupfer in Luca Briasco’s translation. Already released in the United States and England, the book immediately made its debut in first place in the ranking in both countries in full lockdown. In the story that gives the title to the collection, one of the most loved characters by King, Holly Gibney, former heroine of the Mr Mercedes series and of the bestseller “The Outsider”, returns.

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