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Matteo Renzi

Luca Palamara on December 4, 2017, he writes: “But it weakens Renzi“., Referring to the then Arezzo prosecutor, Roberto Rossi, who wanted to leave the investigation on Banca Etruria that involved Pier Luigi Boschi, the father of the then undersecretary to the Prime Minister Maria Elena. Chats, as it reveals Vertity, Palamara, investigated in Perugia for corruption, continue to confirm thepolitical orientation of the actions of the former Unicost leaderIn fact, the prosecutor Rossi is one of the colleagues whom Palamara considers closest to him. The two had shared militancy in the junta “antiberlusconiana“(Definition by Palamara himself) of the ANM of which the magistrate under investigation had been president and Rossi component. In the following years the latter managed the investigation due to auction disturbance, tax evasion and violation of anti-money laundering rules against Boschi senior, procedure from which, in several stages Boschi he always came out unscathed, events that occurred while Rossi himself was a consultant to Renzi government.

On October 17, 2018, during the CSM plenum, some reservations emerge regarding confirmation for another 4 years as Rossi’s prosecutor and the vote is postponed. The councilor of the CSM Fuzio he wrote to Palamara to congratulate him for the “nice speech on Rossi’s confirmation” and to criticize the position expressed by another adviser against the Arezzo magistrate: “With Lanzi they would have been bitter cocks for you. “Alessio Lanzi, Laity at altitude Forza Italiain fact in September he had lost the race as vice president of the CSM against the Democratic Party David Ermini and on October 17 he had been one of Rossi’s staunchest accusers. Palamara agrees on the escaped danger, but Fuzio objects: “Rossi did bullshit on bullshit not in merit, but in the way he behaves”. Palamara: “I know, but you have to save it“, clarifies the prosecutor now under investigation.

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