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“In politics, the Cencelli manual is used for assigning positions. Let’s say that we have also used the same manual in the judiciary”. It is one of the declarations made by Luca Palamara, a guest of Tg2 Post, on the day when for him and for nine other magistrates the General Prosecutor of Cassation asked for disciplinary proceedings.

“In the disciplinary hearing – Palamara explained – there will be an opportunity to publicly clarify many aspects. For now I can say that the role I was playing inevitably led to agreements with the other currents of the judiciary and, clarifications, with the lay members of the CSM and their political contacts … “.

Palamara then denied that all the people who turned to him – from the world of politics, sports, entertainment – did it to ask for favors. “If anything, they asked me for advice, information on how justice worked and why there were certain distortions, why certain sentences arrived late …”. “Everyone was asking me for advice – he added – even the VIPs because they knew me as leader of the national soccer team of the judges”.

“The subdivision? It all took place in room 42 of the CSM, where decisions were made”, said Luca Palamara, who said he was convinced that the judiciary should “open up to other worlds”.

Then, again, a mention of the prosecutor Nino Di Matteo, among his accusers: “I want to emphasize that Di Matteo – said Palamara – was not excluded from my person, but from the current system”. Finally on Francesco Cossiga: “He attacked me because I defended the magistrates of Santa Maria Capua Vetere who investigated the then minister Clemente Mastella”.

Finally, on the accusations of corruption: “I am accused of having received 40 thousand euros for a nomination that never took place. The Trojan in my mobile phone only discovered facts of private life and that there were agreements between the currents”.

Then the magistrate wanted to ask some doubts as to how the investigations into his account were conducted: “The Prosecutor of Perugia had ordered that the microphones that controlled me had to be turned off when I had to have dialogues with the parliamentarians It didn’t happen. Why? I ask myself and my lawyers ask … “.

Finally Palamara said he believed he did not deserve to be removed and the judicial chaos originated in 2007: “In that year the judicial system was changed and the criterion of seniority to access the offices was replaced by that of merit. Since then the unbridled race of all to careerism was unleashed. The soldiers wanted to become generals, each one felt better than the other. In this context I simply tried to grow the group I was part of … “.

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