Smartworking, the five most beautiful things and those that are missing most from the office


Smart working has been, and for many still today, a test for companies and employees, in a close and daily confrontation with difficulties and opportunities. And as from any experience, there is a lesson and aspects or habits that would like to be preserved even after the end of the emergency: such as the increase in the technological level in the company and at home (37%), a better balance between professional and private life (28%), particularly important for women with cohabiting children (34%) and for men in the same situation (24%). At least according to the Infojobs survey carried out on a sample of 189 companies and over a thousand candidates: 14% of the interviewees reveal a truly encouraging figure, seeing in this work mode a greater empowerment of the team and greater confidence on the part of the leaders, who do not in this situation, they can exercise the same control as when operating in attendance.


Productivity remains unchanged for more than half of the sample, however, only 7% declare a decrease linked above all to the difficulty of managing smart working family members or children who need attention at the same time, given that it rises to 33% for women with children cohabitants. In a post-Covid-19 scenario, smart working is seen by workers as an opportunity, but not as a possible alternative to face-to-face work. 71% say yes to agile work, but only for 1 or 2 days a week (a percentage that rises to 89% for women with children and that stands at 55% for men who live under the same roof with their offspring ).

The five things

The survey identified the 5 aspects that Italians were able to appreciate from remote work and the 5 that should instead be considered good reasons to get back to work at the desk. The things that are lacking more than work in the presence are: the sociability of the workplace and the daily comparison with colleagues (both at 27%), the convenience of one’s own station (11%); the pleasure of getting ready for the day with outfits and make-up (10%); the chat with colleagues, customers and suppliers (8%); coffee break or lunch with colleagues (7%). Among the most beautiful things instead of smartworking, saving time for home-office travel (49%); timetable flexibility (19.5%); the possibility of managing personal and work needs together (17%); no distractions (11%) and videocalls to replace face-to-face meetings (3%).

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