Smart working until when? Extension or return to the office? The situation


A hot topic

The post Covid world propender for smart working s or smart working no? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, much less a correct answer. The hot topic, especially after the words of the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala, who a few days ago urged people to return to work after the coronavirus emergency. Words that warmed the hearts, between those who shared the thought of the First citizen of Milan and those who would like smart working to be considered as a reality and a concrete alternative in the post Covid world. The same mayor Sala writes, in a letter published Tuesday 23 in the Corriere, that there are clouds on that adjective, smart. People who have worked from home have often done so with variable time limits, outside a context of rules and adequate protections for this new tool and, certainly in many cases, with great sacrifice. What is needed, perhaps, a reorganization of work that considers smart working as a possibility (not an obligation, not a practice to be excluded). According to Sala, in fact, it cannot be adopted without adequate reflection and a well-managed transition path, given the important repercussions it can have on cities, people and consumption. But what is the situation in Italy at the moment?

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