Smart working, Sala relaunches: “Companies think about layoff plans. And with people at home all the activities stop”


While the employees of the the municipality of Milan promote the agile work calling it an opportunity “to increase skills” and to develop “IT and technological skills”, the mayor Beppe Sala returns to warn that behind him smart working There are risks for workers and for the city. And one certainty is explicit: “Most companies are thinking about plans, if we want to say it in a pleasant way efficiency, if we want to say it in a less pleasant way than dismissal“.

Layoffs caused by smart working or by the impact of Covid? The reasoning of the first citizen, who days ago raised the alarm on the “effect cave so we’re home and take it salary“, Is articulated. The pandemic reduces the invoiced. With workers and customers at home “the reasoning that entrepreneurs make is: ‘With the times that go by I will need all these spaces and these people?‘To me this thing distress. If we don’t go back to the office today, we don’t know what will happen in Autumn“Sala explained during the broadcast” Quante Storie “on Rai 3.” Even to those who are at home, who is not calm. ” The second part of the problem concerns the armature: “With a lot of people back home community they stop and I’m not just talking about bar is restaurants. Tomorrow I will meet dozens of workers from the world of show who have been out of work. We put to hunger an incredible amount of people. ”

“Smart working isn’t just a big one opportunity, but it represents a real paradigm shift in the organization of work “, underlines the mayor in a letter sent to the Courier. But “it cannot be taken into consideration without fully evaluating all the side effects and the repercussions that a massive adoption of this modality – I repeat, without a well-governed transition path – can generate on cities. A rendered city ghost it’s a nightmare unacceptable”. So you have to “go back to work, go to the office or the workplace, take back the living life. Offices, services, shops, handicraft, museums, theaters, cinema: with the safety distances and the protection modalities that we know, we can and we must reoccupy our existences with the physical relationship, starting from that in the places where we work “.

The aspect of the consequences on the allied industries is deeply felt by exhibitors and not only in Lombardy: in Piedmont there Confesercenti has launched “the alarm lunch break“Warning that” if the staff does not return to the offices, for bars and restaurants (but also for the rest of the business) it will be a problem to recover “. And asked the institutions, from the Region to the Municipalities, to develop a return plan of employees in the workplace “quickly and safely”. “President Cirio, Mayor hangerMayors, we do not put at risk the existence of many commercial activities and many jobs! “, Says the petition promoted on

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