Smart working, Palazzo Chigi employees appeal against the premier


You go to the office only one day a week, you stay ten hours or more and you get the maximum overtime a month. In the golden yellow rooms of Piazza Colonna, the smart working imposed by the Covid-19 emergency risks becoming a coincidence. The workers’ unions have filed an appeal against the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, defended by the State Attorney, which will be examined on July 7 by the Court of Rome, Labor section. Appeal that for Palazzo Chigi completely unfounded, reckless and could never be accepted.

Collective agreement violated

The staff accuses the Prime Minister of anti-union behavior: executives would not negotiate agile working arrangements, violating the collective agreement. In the appeal signed by the lawyer Dorangela Di Stefano, the unions took it out on the head of the Department of Legal and Legislative Affairs Ermanno Di Francisco and asked the judge to cancel his service orders on smart working. The judge of the Council of State who directs the Dagl has reduced the physical presence of the staff to contain the contagion from coronavirus and has ordered that, during the pandemic, unauthorized presence in the office for a duration exceeding that contractually foreseen. That means, 7 hours and 36 minutes for the staff of the roles of the Prime Minister and 7 hours and 12 minutes for seconded staff from other administrations.

Overtime suspended

In short, during the emergency the most of the staff of Palazzo Chigi stays at home six days a week, of which four in smart working. While another part stays at home in total exemption from the service, equally receiving the entire salary and lphysically working in the office only one day a week. This is why De Francisco, according to the anti-Covid laws, has overtime suspended. And in the notes for the defense brief that the Prime Minister sent to the labor judge, he reminds that the decree-law of 25 March 2020 establishes a limitation of the physical presence of employees in public administration offices, except indifferent activities.

But unions aren’t there. And they claim that Palazzo Chigi workers have the right to be physically in the office beyond daily hours minimum e to get the most out of overtime, even working in the presence only one day a week.

June 30, 2020 (change June 30, 2020 | 18:11)


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