Small Notes – Bomb revelations on the US-Russia atomic negotiations


A Russian intelligence unit allegedly “offered rewards” to the Taliban for attacks on Afghanistan, including attacks on American targets.

The revelation comes from sources inside the US intelligence and was fired by the American media with the usual journalistic inconsistency, that is, taking as gospel what reported by interested and partisan sources, also used to obscure maneuvers, which repeatedly proved to be misleading ( see Russiagate), without asking and asking the appropriate questions.

To make the news more hateful, intelligence has specified that such secret activity took place while “negotiations were taking place” between the Taliban and the Americans, so that the bad Russians are opposed to the good Americans, willing to end a war. they stubbornly continued their murderous work despite the chances of peace.

And to make it even more hateful, and easier to spread on our Continent, the same sources also report that the Russian agency itself is responsible for some “attempted murders and other covered activities” in Europe.

That it is a hoax is clear, and in a few months, when it will have had its effect, it is also possible that today’s lie will be revealed as such, as happened for other similar ones previously.

But this is not the point, rather it is necessary to ask why this disruptive news came out right now, after months in which the usual disinformation activity regarding alleged Russian wrongdoings, towards which only the accusation of eating children is missing, had gone into some way to sleep, to make way for similar information about the Chinese.

Atomic bomb on the negotiation

If you look at the agenda of international events, you can see that the “revelation” falls with perfect timing. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and Marshall S. Billingslea, the United States’ special presidential envoy for arms control, met in Vienna on Monday and Tuesday to negotiate an extension of the START treaty.

It is the first high-level meeting between Russians and Americans after a long frost. And that was made possible by the counter-investigation on Russiagate, which highlighted the manipulations of US investigators to build non-existent ties between the Russians and Trump’s staff in the 2016 presidential elections (revelations obscured by the media).

Once the Wall of lies fell that had created an abyss between Trump and Putin, the US administration was thus able to try to resume the thread of the East-West dialogue, moreover on a more than crucial issue such as that of atomic weapons.

The meeting must save the last nuclear weapons treaty which, if not renewed, will expire in February. Date apparently distant, but not too long, given that the time for such a negotiation is long and the US presidential elections in November are looming.

If there is a change of the guard in the White House, a new tenant is unlikely to be able to do so, too short a time.

The revelation of US “intelligence sources” is intended to put an end to the negotiations started in Vienna: a representative of the United States cannot agree with a nation that has lost the lives of American soldiers.

You can imagine the chaos that would result from the decay of this last treaty on nuclear weapons: without this brake, the atomic race will start again.

Drop Putin and Trump

Presumably this is exactly what some international areas devoted to chaos want. The Nation recalls that it was his former National Security Advisor John Bolton who pushed Trump to tear the INF treaty, which regulated the production and deployment of medium-range atomic power, John Bolton (the US newspaper lists his other nefarious successes within the US administration, in an article in which he defines him, with some punctuality, “pinstripe terrorist”).

We want to trigger a new arms race, in order to repeat what happened for the Soviet Union, which collapsed under the weight of the collapse of oil prices, already underway, and the drying up of Moscow’s resources in the nuclear race (causal must the Afghan war be added, a factor that can recreate in Syria or elsewhere – Ukraine?).

Not only long-term goals, the “revelation” wants to prevent Trump, who is focusing heavily on this negotiation, from achieving diplomatic success in view of the upcoming presidential ventures.

The Vienna meeting is a prelude to an agreement. But, in addition to the distance negotiations, which certainly continued, a further meeting is needed to conclude it. And it is certain that Trump would have wanted the agreement to materialize in a summit between him and Putin.

Now everything is more complicated. Indeed, it is possible that further details may be added to this first revelation which will make it even more hateful, or add others of the same tenor. Pinstripe terrorists – to follow the definition of The Nation – know how to do their job well. High stakes, a story to follow.

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