Slow justice, free Carminati. And now the Prosecutor’s Office fears escape


A On 22 October last year Alessia Marini had said it aloud: “There is no Mafia, I understand correctly? At least as far as my home is at home!”. There Supreme Court she had just ruled once and for all that her husband’s Middle World, Massimo Carminati, and of Salvatore Buzzi was not commanded and organized by clans and bosses: it was rather the terrain of action of two criminal associations capable of bribing on a large scale, until they settled on the highest floors of the public administration. And now that day has arrived: yesterday the former black terrorist left the Oristano prison, where he had been transferred after a 41bis detention period in Tolmezzo.

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Carminati free, that’s why: lawyers have exploited a hole, he may never return to prison

The king of the middle world went through the exit and returned home: free, waiting for the Court of Appeal to re-determine the sentence, as it would be from the Court of Cassation. The reason for the release is entirely technical: after 5 years and 7 months spent in prison, the terms of pre-trial detention have expired and, due to the length of justice, there has not yet been a definitive sentence. But now the fear is that Carminati may escape. For this reason, the Prosecutor General has intended to request the prohibition of expatriation and the obligation to stay, for the former black extremist and for all the other imprisoned. The appeal inCassazione against the decision of the Tribunal of freedom is in fact not obvious: a recent sentence of the United Sections fully marries the legal documents of the former Nar.

After three rejections by the Court of Appeal, the application for release from the terms of custody filed by the lawyers Cesare Placanica and Francesco Tagliaferri was in fact accepted: in the case of Carminati, the mechanism of the chain dispute does not apply, which allows the extension of the term of precautionary detention. Translated: the former Nar was arrested for the first time in December 2014, while in May 2015 he and the other defendants were notified of a second measure. For the Review – and for the United Sections – to calculate the terms of pre-trial detention, it is necessary to consider the ordinance. And crime also counts. Once the accusation of mafia association has fallen, the worst complaint for the former Nar is corruption, which at the time of the facts had a maximum sentence of 8 years.

It means that Carminati, since the time of his arrest, has already discounted two thirds of the maximum edict and therefore can return on the loose. Cecato, like all the others acquitted by the accusation of 416bis, will not have to be tried again: the crime cannot be re-qualified. The sentence will only have to be recalculated. And with all likelihood it will be lower than the 14 years that the judgments according to the way they liked, erroneously adding the definition of mafia to his criminal record. A decision cut short by the Cassation. Four days after the filing of the reasons that dismantle the second instance sentence point by point, he was also released from prison.

Eunruolo also had the same reasons: filed after a long time, almost eight months after the sentence. Setting an appeal and getting to the final penalties in a few days would have been impossible. Release, therefore, was practically inevitable. And precisely for this reason the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bononafede, had decided to delegate the general inspectorate to carry out investigations. “It makes me smile – comments the attorney Tagliaferri – Obviously the minister does not know the case. Release from prison follows the application of the criminal procedure code “. But in the meantime, the opposition is on the attack, with the leader of the Lega in front of the line: “Dopomafiosi and Camorristi, Carminati is also released from jail. Who warns Bonafede? ┬╗Commented Matteo Salvini.

The trial in the Middle World was troubled, with swinging decisions. Ipm were Paolo Ielo, Luca Tescaroli and Giuseppe Cascini: in December 2014 they had obtained the arrest of the ex-far-right terrorist, known for his ties with the Magliana Band and who in the summer of 1999 had been the protagonist of the theft of the century: in the vault of the judicial citadel of Piazzale Clodio, in Rome. According to the investigators, together with him, at the top of the criminal organization that for years had been holding the capital in check with boss methods was Buzzi, already convicted of murder, then pardoned and became the red co-operative.

A reconstruction not shared by the first instance judges who in any case had imposed high penalties: two “simple” adelinquere associations, no aggravating mafia, 20 years of imprisonment for Carminati and 19 for Buzzi. Decision overturned on appeal, despite a discount of penalty: 14 years 6 months for the “Black”, 18 years and 4 months for his partner, but this time the 416 bis was recognized. Then, the Cassation, with a final verdict, ruled that that Middle World was only a gang of corrupt and corrupting, but that there was not even a shadow of the clans. “The detention ofCarminatinonavevasenso, his release from prison is another step towards normalcy, I am happy,” said Buzzi.

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