slap gatherings to 34 thousand dead


440 recovered and 24 deaths from Coronavirus recorded in the Civil Protection bulletin released yesterday. Total infections in Italy rise to 238,499, of which 182,893 recovered and 34,364 dead. The situation region by region:

Lombardy: 92,968

Piedmont: 31,241

Emilia Romagna: 28,221

Veneto: 19,245

Tuscany: 10,210

Liguria: 9,927

Lazio: 8,017

Brands: 6,768

Campania: 4,617

Puglia: 4,527

Trento: 4,463

Sicily: 3,305

Friuli VG: 3281

Abruzzo: 3,072

Bolzano: 2,622

Umbria: 1,438

Sardinia: 1,369

Aosta Valley: 1,193

Calabria: 1,173

Molise: 441

Basilicata: 401

After IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, there are four positive cases within the Teresianum religious institute in Rome, which has been quarantined. The States General of the Economy ended yesterday; Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte presented the recovery plan: “Reforming the country is not enough, we must reinvent it”. Among the amendments to the Relaunch Decree, the request for a voucher for glasses and contact lenses up to € 50: here’s how it could work. From 19 June, discos and dance halls reopen in Emilia Romagna, but dancing is only held outdoors with the obligation to wear a mask.

Over 8.7 Coronavirus infections in the world, exceeded 464 thousand deaths. Another 22 cases have been registered in Beijing, including a nurse: the authorities have isolated entire neighborhoods of the capital, closing schools and limiting travel. In the southern United States, there is a worrying increase in cases between 20 and 30-year-olds.

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