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Who still believes in Giuseppe Conte raise your hand. The last thunderous bale of the premier could be that passed off to the Italians on the Mes, what we “will never use”. The alleged people’s advocate said it several times, and rumors, rumors have circulated about the imminent activation of the state-saving fund “Edition-coronavirus”. Today, to insist on the issue and to let us know that the activation of the Mes is approaching, it is nothing less than The sun 24 hours, where we read that the government is seriously weighing to say yes to the instrument prepared by Europe with its thousand pitfalls.

According to the Confindustria newspaper, Conte allegedly entrusted the Minister of Health with Roberto Speranza, the task of preparing a plan with the aim of securing the national health system. A dossier that provides about 20 billion of investments, most of which arriving precisely from Mes. The plan provides for the strengthening of the hospital network and that of local care: 10 billion in expenditure for both items, those hypothesized by Speranza. Inside, also the hiring of new medical personnel and the stabilization of temporary workers.

In short, Conte could play – again – his face, capitulating to Mes e betraying his promises. A move with which he would expose himself not only to the attacks of the oppositions, but also to those of part of the M5s. Monday in fact, Luigi Di Maio, interviewed by Corsera he had said he “trusted Conte” about the fact that the States-safe, indigestible to the increasingly sparse M5s electorate, would not be activated. Words, those of the Foreign Minister, interpreted as a sort of “pizzino” to the premier. One way to remind him that, if yes to Mes, the consequences could be serious. Yet, Count, according to Sole 24 Ore to date it seems intent on ignoring these consequences.

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