SisalPay cards unusable to pay and frozen money, what’s going on


WirecardGerman fintech company offering electronic payment, risk management and credit card issuance solutions for thousands of customers, said insolvency in recent days due to a hole in the accounts of about 2 billion euros. The company boasted non-existent money in the balance sheets – theoretically deposited in bank accounts in the Philippines, but in reality non-existent – and the issue emerged in all its seriousness, with a thud on the stock exchange and the intervention of the authorities.
The fate of Wirecard is still to be written and although the story seems far away, here it is the repercussions are also affecting our country, especially customers of prepaid cards Sisalpay. The card provider is in fact Wirecard. In recent days customers have seen reject electronic card payments and block cash withdrawals. Substantially SisalPay cards are unusable.

It is SisalPay itself that explains the story in detail with a post on Facebook. “Dear customers, as probably learned from the press, Wirecard, the German world leader in financial and technological services, is now at the center of the news for reasons that surprised both the market and all the global partners, including us and as SisalPay | 5 we have no responsibility for what happened to our supplier“.
“The British Banking Supervisory Authority (FCA) has previously blocked the operation of all Wirecard cards worldwide and consequently also your cards with the SisalPay brand. We apologize for the inconvenience this situation is causing you and we are in the field personally to limit the inconvenience to our customers, our first interest “.
“In the coming days, in fact, we will contact you to transfer the balance directly to a new prepaid card, issued in partnership with Banca 5 – Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo, so that you can quickly return to make payments in complete peace of mind or receive information on the most secure and convenient ways for you to credit or refund the balance on your cards. Your security is a priority for SisalPay | 5 and we are at your disposal for any question and need “.
The money on the cards will therefore be saved, will not be lost, but will be transferred to a new prepaid card issued by Banca 5 of the Intesa San Paolo Group. Unfortunately, the only aspect is still unknown concerns the timing of this operation, which it will necessarily cause hardships to all SisalPay customers who for one reason or another relied on the card to pay for goods and / or services (hotels, etc.).

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