Simplifications: draft, two thresholds for tenders without tenders – Last Hour


(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 29 – Exceptions for one year to the procurement code are coming: the draft of the simplification decree, still being finalized – which in some versions is indicated as the ‘free-Italy’ decree – provides simplified procedures up to in July 2021 and only two thresholds (compared to the current 5), up to 150 thousand euros and over 150 thousand euros. In the first case, but the limit of 150 thousand euros is still being discussed, the works would be assigned by direct award, without tender, in the second case with negotiated procedures and consultation of 5 operators. For contracts above the Community threshold of 5 million there will be the tender but applying accelerated procedures instead of the ordinary ones, which will also apply to a specific list of works of national importance necessary to overcome the emergency phase which will be identified by the Prime Minister and Mit.
Until July 2021, the urgent procedure is also foreseen for the issue of the anti-mafia certification (which will be checked ex post). The draft also indicates limits to the appeals and cases in which it is possible to suspend the construction of the works, always transitory, and applicable to the works above the community threshold for which technical advisory colleges will be set up with the task also of resolving disputes. A specific fund will also be set up for the continuation of the works, to avoid stops due to temporary lack of funds. (HANDLE).


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