Simplification, ongoing Conte-majority summit: rule on amnesty removed


No building amnesty. This is the most important novelty that emerged from the summit taking place at the Palazzo Chigi in these hours among the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the delegation of the majority parties. At the center of the meeting the discussion of the draft of the decree law on administrative simplification, which provides for the streamlining of bureaucratic procedures and, among the various rules, also the start of construction sites without tenders and the possibility of self-certification with mobile phone through the use of an appoista app.Sources from Palazzo Chigi let it be known that during the summit this evening the excerpt of the rule on building amnesty and that relating to hiring in the public administration would have been decided.



The “Libera Italia” arrives: self-certifications filled in on the mobile phone and tenders without a tender

In addition to the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, the head of the public administration department, Fabiana Dadone, the undersecretary for the presidency of the Council Riccardo Fraccaro, and the heads of delegation Alfonso Bonafede, Dario Franceschini, Roberto Speranza is Teresa Bellanova. At Palazzo Chigi also the deputy secretary of Pd Andrea Orlando, the head of innovation dem, Marianna Madia, the group leader in the Senate of Italia Viva, Davide Pharaoh, the senator Loredana De Petris of Leu.



Case (Court of Auditors): “The Simplification decree will favor less careful bureaucracy”

The Undersecretary of the Environment, the PD Roberto Morassut, underlines that the rule on the building amnesty was an “insidious element, which would have killed the ground” and had been written “in total contrast with the declared objective of this government to limit consumption of soil and pursue the goal of zero balance by 2050 “.



Simplification decree, Alfonso Sabella: “Serious liberalizing contracts below € 150 thousand, risk of corruption and the Mafia”

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