Simplification draft, nobody would read it


For Giuseppe Conte, it is straight forward, while the majority explodes. On Sunday evening, the first drafts of the Simplification decree begin to turn, the third step to face the era of Covid-19 according to the premier, after the Cura Italia decree and the relaunch. Palazzo Chigi indicates a road map that has as its arrival point the Thursday’s Council of Ministers: “We can approve it”, the entourage of the premier is sure. “Thursday is fine for us, we just have to understand which week,” a leader of the Democratic Party ironically.

Thursday of last week it was understood that something was wrong. “Sorry, but it is not possible that only we have not seen a text”, Luigi Marattin burst out during the government summit. “Actually, we have never seen it either,” said Dario Franceschini coldly. ” “Neither do we,” closed the choir for Leu Maria Cecilia Guerra. A crucial provision on which all majority parties have no opportunity to set eyes and reasoning a week after approval. “It is the Conte method – says a man close to the Minister of Culture – it works like this, as for the General States: he and Casalino decide everything, perhaps we are informed if they remember.

Conte does not seem to find allies even in the 5 star movement in the karst battle that is tearing the majority apart. A riot is taking place within the parliamentary groups on articles that simplify the procurement code, the so-called “Genoa model”. The target is Conte, but many do not overlook the fact that Stefano Buffagni and Giancarlo Cancelleri, deputy ministers respectively for Economic Development and Infrastructures, also advocated the cause. “So it is too much – explains a weighty deputy Grillino – they do not realize that stuff we do not vote for it”.

The text will be filed, it is evident. The prime minister hopes to undo all the issues in a summit with the delegation heads that he put on the agenda for Tuesday, send the article back to the offices for the appropriate corrections, and bring it to the CDM two days later.

An optimistic road map. “At most Thursday we fire him without agreement,” sources from Italia viva say, implying that finding an agreement in three days is at the limit of utopia, adding that the method of measures decided at the table by Palazzo Chigi “is frankly becoming unacceptable”. Not to mention that in a joint CGIL note, CISL and UIL asked loudly to be summoned beforehand, for a discussion on a rule that will affect millions of workers, also and above all in the public sector.

In addition to the procurement chapter, the majority is affected by tensions on building regulations and anti-mafia certification, and the part dedicated to the Public Administration has left Minister Fabiana Dadone perplexed in some points. A “study” was also requested by the 5 stars on the chapters that concern more advantageous measures for officials and politicians who sign for criminal and tax liability, which impact on the crime of abuse of office. From Leu the signs are not very encouraging: “We judge very badly everything that implies de facto amnesties or free hands on the territory”, defining “the text in its part of protecting the environment unacceptable.

Putting the dots together, a picture comes out that will hardly lead to approval in a very short time and without leaving behind slag as desired by the premier. Conte will gather his majority on Tuesday around the table in his meeting room. From how they come out you will understand the turn that will take yet another, troubled, decree related to the coronavirus and its consequences.

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