Simple look and swear words, the fans against Sarri: ‘Tell him he’s not at Empoli, he looks like a warehouse keeper’


Directed and frank Maurizio Sarri, we know him. And even in the pre-Napoli-Juventus final of the Italian Cup he does not turn words: “My balls turn when I say that in Italy I have not won anything”. Loud and clear. No difference between the Sarri coach and the Maurizio man. Simple person without filters: take or leave. And there are those who would really leave him, to tell the truth. In fact, on social media, some Juventus fans commented on the conference focusing on Sarri’s way of expressing the concepts. They don’t like the bad words used by the coach. A little something to say about the look too: “Juventus suit and white shirt underneath”. Those who are used to seeing Allegri and Conte in suits do not like the simplicity of the coach. There are also those who defend him and compare him to Klopp and Guardiola: “But do you think they speak with tea and crossed legs ?!“. Fans divided between those who criticize him and those who defend him.Browse the gallery to read comments on the Sarri conference

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