Sick America: South and West overwhelmed by contagion. New York is armored: “Don’t come”


The darker forecasts of the experts and the fears of Anthony Fauci are proving to be well founded: more than half America is sinking back into the tragedy of the coronavirus. Yesterday in the country over 41 thousand new cases were recorded, marking a new and alarming record for the second consecutive day. But the outlines of the pandemic are much wider according to the CoC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to which the effective extent of the US infections is 10 times higher than the official data.

Among the most affected areas are some of the country’s largest and most dynamic states: from Texas, with a 70% increase in cases in a week (6200 just the day before yesterday) to Florida (+ 66%). The highest increases are in Michigan (+ 75%) and Arizona (+ 77%) where hospital intensive care is at the limit of capacity.

The health emergency is also approaching in Texas: less than 20% of the intensive care places are still free, while in Houston, the hospital capital of America, the beds of the large institutes are 97% occupied.

Donald Trump continues to downplay: refuses to invite citizens to wear masks, continues to talk about kung-flu (prompting the Asian communities of the US – not only the Sino-Americans, but also the Americans of Indian origin – to accuse him of spreading racist stereotypes) and claims that the numbers of the sick are growing only because America is doing more tests (and he would like to reduce them).

But evident, if only from the hospitals that fill up, which is not so. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, a fan of his who had earned the president’s praise when he anticipated a partial reopening on May 1st, is now frightened: he is postponing the reduction of constraints and asking people to stay at home. A health disaster, but also an economic one, the thing that is most important to Trump: the fallout slows down consumption and the reopening of production activities, while isolating America. The graph that shows that the US is the only advanced country in which the pandemic does not recede, while almost all European countries have greatly reduced the con. tagi, it could push the EU to keep the blockade of arrivals from the USA when the current bans expire on July 1st.

But America is now split in two also inside: since yesterday, those arriving in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut (the three healed states of the East Coast) from the 8 states with the most infections will have to carry out a 14-day quarantine. The governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, puts it almost in biblical terms: We went to hell and we came out of it: we don’t want to go back. For the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, however, above all a rematch: Those who attacked us saying that our lockdown was too severe, that we should have reopened before, now will have to admit that we were right. We have been more forward-looking: just look at Arizona, Florida and Texas.

In any case, the decision taken by the governors (democrats) of the Tri-State area, the one that gravitates around New York, justified on the health level, also has political implications: the parts have reversed compared to three months ago when, with the virus that devastated New York, the governors (republicans ) of Florida and Texas placed the quarantine on travelers from the three states of the Atlantic coast, all dem-led. Those were the days when thousands died in New York and hospitals erupted.

Today New York has almost eradicated the virus (581 cases and 17 deaths across the state yesterday) while the pandemic is booming again in the rest of America (37,000 more cases in a day). So now the quarantine is for those coming from the 8 states with more than 100 cases of Covid-19 per million inhabitants: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Texas, North and South Carolina and Utah.

June 26, 2020 (change June 26, 2020 | 11:39)


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