Sicily reopens, from dawn long lines on the Strait to embark


The reopening of traffic between the regions has caused this morning long lines of cars in Messina near the port, for boarding. Queues in front of the jetties of the Carone & Tourist company already for the first race at 4.40 and for the next one at 7.20.

The greatest flow of passengers on the Strait, also arriving from Calabria, it is linked to the new order of the Region, which has anticipated alignment with the provisions of the decree to date, abolishing self-certification and the quarantine requirement for those who reach Sicily from other regions.

Even in the latest regional ordinance, the provisions for citizens who are positive to Covid-19 who have the obligation to communicate their health conditions to the family doctor and to the Department of prevention of the competent ASP remain. Those who arrive in Sicily will also be able to download the ‘Safe Sicily’ app and optionally enter personal data on their health, travel and any cases of Covid-19 in the family. In case of fever, a communication will suffice and the Asp health workers will intervene on the territory.

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