Sicily, one regional director out of four has already changed tunic. Former 5-star, leagues of the last hour and also a boomerang deputy


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I am already eighteen out of seventy. One out of four. In just two and a half years. Elected with one party, they have already passed through another group of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. Are the turncoat of the island’s regional council. One of them even managed to change jacket twice, so as not to change any of them. A story from Gattopardo.

The five ex Cinquestelle – The last five, somewhat surprisingly, are the result of the split of the Five Stars movement. A novelty, given that in the nearly eight years of presence at the Ars delle grillini, there was only one “farewell”: that of the then vice-president Antonio Venturino, expelled from the movement. The five dissidents have created a new parliamentary group: it’s called “Activate Sicily“And is formed by the vice president of the Ars Angela Foti, by Matteo Mangiacavallo,Valentina Palmeri, Elena Pagana and Sergio Tancredi. The latter, in fact, had already been expelled a few weeks ago. The reason? There failure to return part of the salary, according to the Movement; the will to “silence a critical voice“For the interested party. The “tearing” of the former grillini was greeted by the comrades left in the group of origin, with a touch of irony: “They were parties to change politics, they ended up changing shirts. One fact is incontrovertible, they betrayed the mandate that the Sicilians had entrusted to him “.

Bulla’s dance – Before the tear of the former Cinquestelle, the last to change the jacket was the Catania councilor Giovanni Bulla. But in this case, the story is even more complicated. Elected with UDCin fact, the director had first moved to League, to then return to the UDC. And so, in the very colorful history of the Ars turncoats, even the councilor enters “boomerang“.

Lega Airport – Certainly, Bulla’s farewell further weakened the Carroccio group in Sicily, which in reality had not already started on the right foot: a kind of airport, on which landers of all colors land and from which depart. After the Regionals, the only one elected had been Tony Rizzotto, a former loyalist of Lombardo electrocuted on the way to Busto Arsizio. But Rizzotto himself had time to leave him, the Northern League group, moving into the new political formation “Now Sicily“. However, Rizzotto is no longer in that group (and at the Ars) because in the meantime he is also lapsed from charge, for a case of ineligibility. He then came to the Ars in his place Mario Caputo (brother of Salvino, the first Sicilian councilor to suffer the effects of Severino, a few years ago) who, however, immediately afterwards decided to switch to Forza Italia. In the meantime, after losing Rizzotto and Bulla, the League organized itself by forming a brand new group: none of the councilors that make it up, in fact, was elected with the Northern League. They are part of it Antonio Catalfamo (former group leader of Fratelli d’Italia), Marianna Caronia (elected with Forza Italia) e Horace Ragusa (ex UDC).

From Genovese to the former councilor of Crocetta – “Ora Sicilia” is instead a movement halfway between the League and the movement of Governor Musumeci (“It will become very beautiful”). Being a newly formed group, it is made up of deputies from other parties. Luigi Genovesefor example, bears the heavy surname of the father Francantonio, former regional secretary of the Democratic Party and national parliamentarian first of the Dem, then of Come on Italy and convicted of events related to professional training in Sicily. The son, as mentioned, elected on the Forza Italia list, leads the group completed by Luisa Lantieri, elected with the Democratic Party and former councilor of Rosario Crocetta, and Daniela Ternullo elected with the list of “Popular and autonomist“And came to the Ars” thanks “to an investigation: the one that led to the forfeiture of the director Pippo Gennuso, in a trial on alleged corruption an administrative judge. Gennuso negotiated the sentence for the crime of illicit trafficking of influences. He too, however, had changed his jacket, moving to “Ora Sicilia”.

The escape from Forza Italia – Already at this point, the waltz makes your head spin. But in the meantime, others have decided to change sides. This is the case of the directors who abandoned Forza Italia: in addition to the aforementioned Genovese and Caronia, too Rossana Cannata greeted, moving on to Brothers of Italy, where he also reached her Totò Lentini, who took over Giuseppe Milazzo, elected in Europe. Then there are the “cambiacasaccaIn spite of themselves. That is, those who changed groups following the split of their party. So, Luca Sammartino is Giovanni Cafeo they left the Democratic Party group to join the Renzian group of Italia Viva. But that’s another story.

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