Sicily, king of Leonardi landfills arrested: “Refuse traffic and corruption”. One million euros buried in the garbage


Bins full of cash, buried as if they were rubbish, on the site where more than any other garbage is worth gold. This is the most emblematic image of the blitz made today by finance guard to Lentini which led to the arrest of the brothers Nino is Salvatore Leonardi. They are the owners of the landfill managed by Sicula Trasporti, straddling the provinces of Catania and Syracuse. The director of the ARPA was also involved in the investigation Vincenzo Liuzzo and the employee of the Libero consortium Salvatore Pecora. The two are accused of having been on the Leonardi’s payroll: bribes up to five thousand euros per month in exchange for availability a Close eyes about what happened inside the landfill and, when necessary, to reveal in advance the day on which the checks would have been carried out. On the other hand, the Leonards have accumulated a lot of money, to the point of hiding them even underground. One million euros has been traced buried inside useful containers to preserve the integrity of the banknotes. About one hundred and ten million euros, on the other hand, is the value of the assets seized upon the disposal of the investigating judge of the court of Catania.

The landfill, which now serves half an island, over the years has had the go-ahead for a number of extensions. A contractual force that, on more than one occasion, has allowed the company to launch ultimatum towards the government of In the Musumeci. The last, a few weeks ago, when the company made it known that, if the process for a new expansion of the tanks will not proceed quickly, the gates for the Municipalities will close by the end of the month.

“THE waste was not treated as expected, i environmental damage is high”, Commented the chief prosecutor of Catania Carmelo Zuccaro. “The management of the landfill, the Tmb plant and composting by the Leonardi family was oriented towards the exclusive pursuit of profits through the maintenance of agreements with the Municipalities even though the plants were not in the conditions to be able to more fully fulfill the requirements set by the same administrative authorizations “, is the accusation of the Etneo investigating office. “There substantial amount of circumstantial evidence – the power of attorney continues – bring to light a persistent e systematic illegal disposal some waste urban solids from over 200 Sicilian Municipalities affiliated with Sicula transported. “A huge amount of waste – sustains the Etna investigating office – structurally no longer manageable according to the provisions of the law and which ended up in landfills without suffering any preliminary treatment, which is essential to facilitate the identification of ineligible materials in landfills or waste destined for recovery operations “.

That the lens of the investigators had rested in the area of ​​the Grotte San Giorgio district is nothing new. In September last year, military officers of the finance guard and agents of the Dia, on mandate from the prefecture, had accessed the plant by taking documents away. Investigative insights emerged serious defaults also regarding the management of the composting plant owned by the Leonards: according to the reconstruction of the investigators, part of the moisture transferred from over two hundred Municipalities went directly to landfills. There where entire refrigerators containing polyurethane, sanitary waste and tires were also found. Not far from where entrepreneurs would like to build the first incinerator of the island destined for municipal waste; a project that has already been criticized by several parties in recent months and which is currently stopped in the Via-Vas commission to the Region.

But in today’s investigation there are also suspicions about the relationships entertained by the Leonardi with exponents of the Syracusan clan of the Nardo, historically linked to the Catania family of Cosa Nostra of the Santapaola-Ercolano. To act as an intermediary between the lords of waste and the gang would have been Philadelphus Amarindo. For all Delfo, man is among the Leonardi employees. Through him Nino Leonardi he would have paid homage to the bosses during the holidays Angelo Randazzo is Alfio Sambasile. Relations with the Mafia would also have manifested themselves in the world of sport: the son of Nino Leonardi, Giuseppe, is the patron of the Sicula Leonzio, a football team that plays in the Lega Pro. Investigations revealed that the Nardo clan wanted to manage the kiosk inside the stadium: an expectation that did not go through, for the Leonardi’s fear of attracting attention law enforcement. In return, however, entrepreneurs would have promised various gifts.

The Yellow Flames blitz involved nine people: two in prison, three under house arrest and four reporting obligations to the judicial and mansion police. Leonardi ended up in prison, accused of criminal association aimed at illicit waste trafficking, corruption is supply fraud, is Amarindo, accused of external competition in mafia association. Salvatore Leonardi, 57, brother of Antonino, Liuzzo and Sheep. The suspects also include employees of the composting plant Francesco Nicotra is Francesco Zappalà and the administrators of the South Building (not seized) Francis is Nicola Guercio. They have been subject to the obligation to submit to the judicial and house police. The seals were placed on the Sicula Trasporti, Sicula Compost and Gesac companies.

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