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The Play-Asia store has opened i preorders of SS5 and Dual Sense controller, but with gods prices very high that are making us hope for a new mistake, such as the one committed a few days ago by Amazon UK.

Let’s start from the console. The PS5 pricenow removed, it would be as much as $ 699. This is a very high figure, moreover in line with the 599 pounds of Amazon UK, then denied by Amazon itself.

On Play-Asia, also the Dual Sense price is above the average of the standard console controllers, PS4 Dual Shock 4 included: € 74.75. Again, it is hoped that this is a simple mistake, considering that there are many stores that put placeholder prices when they create product pages.

Of course, if both prices were confirmed, PS5 would be a decidedly expensive console, much more than PS4 at launch. It is true that Jim Ryan, the president of Sony’s PlayStation division, has spoken of wanting to give the right value at a fair price, but this would risk cutting out a good slice of buyers.

There is also to consider that a similar price would presuppose a high cost even to buy a SSD more capacious, another expense to be taken into account given the size of the games in recent years.

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