Shipwreck in the Mediterranean, the body of a 5 month old girl found on a Libyan beach


The latest horror of the tragedies of migration is wrapped in a onesie with a bunny. The small body swollen and disfigured by the water of a five-month-old baby girl, returned from the sea on the beach of Sourman in Libya after the last shipwreck in which 12 people died four days ago including two children, 18 survivors. The little girl, whose discovery was announced by the Red Crescent, was precisely one of the two children on board the dinghy that capsized just six miles from Zawija.
The head of mission in Libya by IOM Federico Soda also confirmed the dramatic discovery. The sinking that occurred on Saturday had been reported by the Alarm Phone switchboard contact by a family member of one of the people on board. The day before, another 60 people had died in another shipwreck near the coast of Tunisia.

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