shifts also on Saturday morning, many online lessons. Distancing, critical aids


ROME A school in the afternoon, maybe even the Saturday, students divided into groups or groups shifts and flexible hours. The school is preparing to reopen according to the safety measures indicated by the Technical Scientific Committee on May 28 and the guidelines of the Ministry ofinstruction, which will see the light tomorrow on the table of the Unified Conference. But the problems are not lacking.

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“Almost one in two classes cannot guarantee distancing and the guidelines do not give concrete answers on this”: this is the position of the representatives of the school who today, at the ministry of education, will ask for more precise indications. This is confirmed by school directors but also by the unions. “Honestly – explains Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Association of principals – I expected something more concrete after several months of work. We already know the possibilities of school autonomy but the problem, which remains, is the lack of human and logistical resources and the possibility for the principals of adequate interventions. I want to remember that if autonomy has never taken off, the reason is precisely the lack of tools. It appears to the PA that 40% of the classrooms are not in a position to guarantee the required spacing “.

Cgil, Cisl, Uil, Snals and Gilda are now on the war, which emphasize the need for new entries in the role both among the teachers, to divide the classes, and among the ata staff, who will have to guarantee constant cleaning and checks. . And tomorrow they will be in 40 squares for the events called by the “Priority to school” committee to have certainties about September.

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In the classroom
Distant schools and divided pupils: group turnover

The distancing enters the classroom and obviously involves everyone: the entire school community, made up of students, teachers and various staff, will have to guarantee the distance of one meter. Both in the common spaces and in the classroom, with single desks and positioned in compliance with safety standards. Students can be divided into groups and follow the lessons according to pre-established shifts. The mask must always be worn, as established by the CTS in May, but this rule may vary already in the next few days allowing the boys to remove the mask once seated in their place, spaced according to the safety standard.

Online lessons
Possible distance teaching for high school

Distance teaching, therefore carried out online with students from home, remains as a possibility only in high school where, for reasons of space, mixed teaching could be adopted: part in attendance and part online. Obviously, the online mode must have the maximum yield and overcome the problems that schools have encountered in recent months. That is to say that the classes must be able to count on adequate tools and connections. The line to follow must be planned at national level and therefore the same for everyone. This is a plan to be addressed even in the event that a new lockdown should move all the teaching back to online.

Delayed inputs and outputs. And yes to the afternoon slot

To expand the space, it may also be necessary to extend school hours. In fact, the institutes, in their autonomy, may decide to spread the lesson hours over several shifts, also arriving in the afternoon slot. Not only that: the schools that, for some time now, have adopted the so-called short week could also return to class on Saturday morning. It is therefore a question of exploiting all the hours available. The objective, in addition to the necessary response against the shortage of classrooms, is to avoid gatherings outside schools, in courtyards but also on public transport. The rush hour therefore, which sets millions of students and families in motion in the same time slot, will no longer be there.

Other spaces
Even theaters and museums are transformed into classrooms

The schools will have to expand the spaces, if the classrooms cannot guarantee the distance of one meter between the students. And to avoid double shifts, with all the problems that this provision could bring, to find new educational environments it will be possible to take advantage of alternative spaces such as gyms and courtyards and use light construction tools to create classrooms and small environments where the space is completely open . But it may also be necessary to look for external environments, in agreement with local authorities. Namely theaters and museums, villas and parks near educational establishments. The hunt for new classrooms will start with regional school offices and regional tables. This will also help third sector associations with external activities in collaboration with the school.

To the maternal
No mask, home games prohibited

Particular attention concerns children under 6 years of age: in fact, at kindergarten children will not have the obligation to wear a mask while the teachers will have a plastic visor on their face, so as not to hide the smile and not to upset the children during activities. However, it will not be possible to bring toys from home, as is customary in many cases, also to make detachment from home less sad: to avoid the risk of potentially contaminated objects around the class, all games will be disinfected. In addition, children will have to eat a snack in their place while for lunch they will be able to move to the school meals. Even for younger children there is the possibility of going out in the open to carry out educational activities, should there be a need.

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