She is forced to witness the rape of the three grandchildren, 71-year-old grandmother dies of a heart attack


He couldn’t bear the pain of witnessing the rape of his three granddaughters who asked for pity on their tormentor while being held under the threat of a gun. A 71-year-old grandmother died in a heartbreak who in Impendle, South Africa, was a helpless witness of the violence of a man who had raided their home. As the three sisters of 19, 22 and 25 who lived together with their grandmother, a man with a balaclava entered their home and threatened them with a gun: he closed the girls in a room and one by one he raped before the eyes of her grandmother who begged to leave them alone. By the time the police arrived, the man was gone and the woman had already died of a broken heart.

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Spokesman for the Mzandwile Ndlovu family said: “The three girls said that the man did not touch his grandmother and did not injure her. Evidently, therefore, the woman had a heart attack after what she saw ». Meanwhile, police spokesman Nqobile Gwala has asked the population to come forward to give information on the attacker. “We are upset and grieved about this terrible episode of rape and murder of our women – said Nonhlanhla Khoza, spokesman for the KwaZulu-Natal Social Development Council member – I urge people to help the police with any information that may ‘arrest. These episodes will only end when the community collaborates with the police. ”

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The 31-year-old son of the woman, calling on the witnesses to come forward to capture the perpetrator of the triple rape, said: “It was a truly horrible act. There was no justice for my granddaughters, who are devastated. The rapist saw my mother collapse in shock and horror, but continued. Where is your humanity? ».

Earlier this month President Cyril Ramaphosa condemned the “homicide spike of women and children” in South Africa during the pandemic: “We note with disgust that as we face this coronavirus threat, violent men are exploiting the easing of restrictions to attack women and children. As a man, husband and father I am shocked by what is nothing more than a war waged against the women and children of our society. We need to tackle the problem urgently. This has become a pandemic within a pandemic. “

South Africa has one of the highest femmicide rates in the world, with over 2,700 women and 1,000 children killed last year and 42,000 women raped.


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