Shampoos, which ones to avoid because they are harmful to our hair


Hair care is essential and sometimes we find ourselves buying big brands at supermarkets at very low prices. But we must be careful because the wrong shampoo can really damage the hair and the skin. Not only shampoo but also conditioner. The wrong conditioner can also be a danger to our skin. But why shampoo or conditioner can damage our skin so much. What are the chemicals that make these products harmful.

Shampoos, which ones to avoid because they are harmful to our hair

The main offenders are silicones. Not only are they harmful to the hair but also to the environment since they end up in drains. Among the worst silicones we find the siloxanes D4 and D5. D4 is a persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic industrial chemical with an indication on the label of the product that contains it of the code H361, D5 is persistent and highly bioaccumulative. They are considered so dangerous that the EU has decided to ban them since 2020. However, some silicon-free shampoos are also considered unsafe, as they contain other equally harmful substances, for example plastics. One of these is Quaternium, a cationic polymer with conditioning, softening and antistatic properties that makes hair soft, shiny and silky highly allergenic.

An excellent alternative is instead the use of wheat proteins or inulin obtained from chicory root. Not only silicones but we must also be wary of too perfumed products because even perfume can be an indicator of an unhealthy product for our skin. Parabens that act like a hormone on our body must also be added to the list. It should also be stressed that these products can also generate strong skin allergies which would be better avoided especially if you have sensitive skin. For this reason, it is essential to read the labels of each product so as not to stumble on products harmful to our body.

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