Sgarbi furioso, in the Chamber insults judges and deputies


AGI – Bagarre in the Chamber Chamber and unanimous blame for the words pronounced by Vittorio Sgarbi in the hemicycle, with which the deputy and art critic addressed heavy offenses to the parliamentarian of Forza Italia Giusi Bartolozzi and to the current president, Mara Carfagna.

Despite the stigmatization of the language used, the blue group leader Mariastella Gelmini and the Northern League group leader Riccardo Molinari, make a distinction, going on the merits of the proposal put forward by Sgarbi, or of a commission of inquiry into the judiciary, and sharing the criticisms raised by some of the judges.

He also strongly condemns what happened the President of Montecitorio, Roberto Fico, who defines “the indecent and unworthy sexist behavior of the deputy Sgarbi” and announces that it has “given a mandate to the Quaestors to open an investigation to take appropriate measures”. The images of Sgarbi literally carried weight out of the hemicycle of shop assistants, while still screaming insults.

Proceeding in an orderly manner: late morning, the final explanations of vote on the prison decree have almost ended in plenary. Vittorio Sgarbi asks to intervene, ed begins like this: “That a criminal delinqua is normal, that a magistrate does it is an institutional earthquake”. Words accepted, as can also be read from the shorthand report of the session, from the applause of the Northern League deputies.

Sgarbi continues: “What is urgent, after the unheard of declarations against you by a magistrate of the CSM – she says addressing the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede, present in the Chamber – after the unheard of declarations of Palamara, today even hunted, who declared against Salvini, ‘We are all with you, Patronage’, is the new Tangentopoli “, and here I am the applause of the center-right deputies was unanimous, “we must open an urgent commission of inquiry against the crime of magistrates who do the opposite of their work. Worse than the criminals, remembering that Cossiga called that association a mafia association, the National Magistrates Association a mafia association! The CSM has betrayed its function! Urgent is this: do not vote cowardly in favor of a useless, senseless decree that extremes the interceptions against honest citizens. This is serious! I ask a Parliamentary Commission to the new Tangentopoli dei magistrati, the new Palamaropoli”(Again applause from Lega and FdI).

At this point Forza Italia deputy Giusi Bartolozzi, magistrate, asked to speak. “I say this as a servant of the state, as a citizen and, lastly, as a politician, and hearing from a colleague that the whole judiciary is mafia horrifies me,” he says.

Sgarbi is not there and screams: “It wasn’t all! It wasn’t all! I spoke of Cossiga and Palamara!”. And while Bartolozzi continues to speak, the words, which begin to be offensive, of Sgarbi are still heard in the hemicycle who, addressing the deputy of FI says: “You are not worthy …”. The first call to the order of the rotating president Carfagna arrives. Sgarbi screams again, while the deputy Pd Michele Bordo intervenes to deprecate what is happening. IS we hear the first heavy insult addressed by Sgarbi to Bartolozzi (“tr …”), also reported in the session report.

“I call you to order,” insists the president on duty, while Carfagna herself is also targeted by the art critic. From the benches of the deputies of the Democratic Party and Italia Viva groups shouts “Out! Out!”. “I ask you to leave the House, because you cannot insult your colleagues. I ask you to leave the House, thank you”, Carfagna still insists. But Sgarbi to go out does not think about it and continues to insult. You clearly feel a “vaff”, and then Carfagna says peremptorily: “No, Mr Sgarbi, you cannot continue to swear in this House. I ask the parliamentary assistants the courtesy to carry out,” says the President.

“I am going alone,” says Sgarbi, who in reality does not leave the House alone, but only when he is accompanied by weight by the clerks. That, just before leaving, addressing the desks of the presidency, he shouts: “You are a fascist! Fascist”. Expelled from the Sgarbi Hall, all the representatives of the groups intervene to stigmatize the incident and, above all, the insulting words used by the deputy.

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