Serie A, Verona-Napoli 0-2: Milik and Lozano score


The Polish’s goal in the 38th minute of the first half, the Mexican doubles in the 90th minute: after the Italian Cup, Gattuso continues to run. Bad afternoon for Juric’s team

The enthusiasm of Rino Gattuso and his Napoli after the Italian Cup still work. Verona fell 2-0 at home under the blows of Milik and Lozano and the bells continue to keep the Champions dream alive. Verona has only two new features compared to the victory against Cagliari: one forced, Zaccagni for the disqualified Borini, and one expected, Veloso for Badu. Napoli responds with a 4-3-3 in which the center forward is Milik and not Mertens. The first big chance of the match lands on Bentegodi in the 18th minute in the form of a right-footed party from Zielinski: Silvestri deflects. Verona 4 ‘later came within a few centimeters of the goal. It all starts Zaccagni converges, crosses, the deflected ball arrives at Pharaohs who kicks on the fly making the trajectory an assist for Verre who with his chest lifts over the crossbar with the goal empty. Verre’s position would have been examined by the Var, but it remains a colossal occasion for Hellas. Juric’s team grows and in the 29th minute it is still close to scoring: Lazovic in depth for Di Carmine whose left is rejected by Ospina. At 38 ‘, however, Napoli pass. Corner (doubt seeing the replay, Amrabat does not seem to touch the ball), Milik head uses the space that the defense of Verona gives him and continues his own. Before the break Veloso takes aim and forces Ospina to corner. Thus ends the first half with Napoli ahead 1-0.

The recovery

Less than a minute from the start of the second half and Verona are at risk. Faraoni’s defensive diagonal becomes an assist for Allan who kicks and finds Silvestri reactive. At 16 ‘Verona equalized, but the Var canceled. Zaccagni crosses from the left, but first he slips and touches the ball with his arm, thus making the header by Pharaohs useless. At 90 ‘Napoli doubles. Corner with an insidious trajectory, Silvestri gets surprised and Lozano bags at the second post. No overtaking for Verona, who remains on the doorstep of the European zone, however showing that they can still run for a place only dreamed of at the beginning of the season.

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