Serie A overwhelmed, now it’s breaking. All the background


MILAN – La A league she came out with broken bones from Federal Council and now she is furious with the FIGC. Between via Rosellini and via Allegri the frost has fallen and the behavior of Gravina has sent the presidents of the A clubs furiously, who yesterday, until late evening, exchanged calls to discuss the next steps. It is clear that in the event of elections in the Federation the League will not support Gravina, whose moves have been branded by some owners as “typical of a caudillo”, but the electoral question goes into the background. Now there is a present to face and the nightmare of the playoffs and the playouts that risk unleashing a real … civil war in via Rosellini. The hypothesis of challenging the resolution of the Federal Council has also circulated, but there do not seem to be the details to move in a courtroom. The relaunch decree is a nice shield for the Football Federation and Serie A can only accept the double defeat: not only will there be relegations, but the playoffs and the hidden playouts are back. ù

Cairo background

Friday’s move of the A caused the fracture with the FIGC, but to complicate the relationship even more it seems there was, in a matter of hours from the cf, a call between Gravina and Cairo. The tones would have been very harsh and the conversation would not have ended in the best way. Also for this reason, claim in via Rosellini, the conduct of the number one of the Federcalcio has been “vindictive”. Among the presidents there are those who spoke of “abuse of power”, those of “format change that will lead to carnage”. Certainly between today and tomorrow there will be a League council in which the change of regulation will have to be ratified in order not to play overtime in the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, but clearly the discussion will slip on what happened yesterday. And then the A club assembly will be set: it was to be staged on Wednesday 17th in Rome, before the Italian Cup final, but now it will be considered whether to anticipate it by one day to keep it in Milan. Not in the capital, a stone’s throw from the Figc house …

Marotta and Agnelli

And to think that, after suffering the defeat in the vote on the relegation block, the Serie A tried to curb Gravina on the return of the playoffs / playouts. Lotito this time he was silent (the stop of relegations disadvantages his Salernitana) and the position of A has tried to defend Marotta, who asked to wait to vote on the post season. Rejected. And when the Inter CEO pointed out that all the clubs are against it and that it will be impossible to find a rule to define the grids of the scudetto poule, the Europa League zone and the salvation zone, Gravina made it clear that he would take care of it to outline them.

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