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Everything is ready, Serie A is about to restart. There is the calendar, with dates and times, and it was uThe match protocol has been made official today by the FIGC, approved by the technical scientific committee established by the government. The 39-page document, published on the Football Association’s website, illustrates every detail on how to resume the races.STAGE – A certainty: will be played without an audience, at least for now. The maximum number of people admitted to the stadium is 300. The visiting team group will be no more than 60 people. Each stage will be divided into three areas, each of which can hold a maximum of 130 people (the total cannot however exceed 300).

ZONE 1: Zone 1 is composed of the interior of the stadium, it will be the technical / sports area.

ZONE 2: Zone 2 is composed of the stands and the whole area reserved for the media and the press.

ZONE 3: Zone 3 examines the exterior of the stadium, with compound TVs and parking lots.

PEOPLE ALLOWED – The protocol selects and provides for the exact number of people who will be able to access the stadium on the day of the game: from stewards to journalists (maximum 10 per game, as well as photographers), staff members and ball boys.

ARRIVAL AT THE STADIUM – The teams will arrive at the plant at different times. Coaches are recommended as a means of getting around, two for clubs. Upon arrival, the temperature will be measured to those who are not part of the team group.

LOCKER ROOMS – The protocol dictates different changing rooms for owners and reserves, with differentiated temporal use of the areas and no contact with handles or doors. The use of single showers is recommended, although it is preferable to make them at home or in a hotel. No television footage will be made inside the changing rooms.

ENTRY IN THE FIELD – The entrances on the pitch will be separate, without handshakes. Mascots, team photos, pre-race ceremonies and accompanying by children are no longer provided.

BENCHES – Benches too they must be well spaced, although not necessarily located in the stands. An occupied place will alternate with an empty one. For drinking, only personalized bottles are allowed.

INTERVIEWS – Mixed areas and the press room will remain closed. The interviews at the end of the first half and at the end of the match they will have to respect the distance of 2 meters between interviewer and interviewee. Formula 1-style press conferences: collecting questions with Whatsapp-Skype, videoconference answers.

RELATIONSHIP WITH REFEREES – The players will not be able to approach the referees to protest. Dialogue allowed at a distance of at least 1.5 meters. Avoid private and absolutely unnecessary conversations.

WHAT HAPPENS IF A PLAYER IS POSITIVE TO CORONAVIRUS? – The rule in the case in which a player or a member of the team group contracts the coronavirus remains the same also for training: 14-day isolation for the whole group, without contact with the outside world. The president of the FIGC Gravina, on this point, however, has expressed the hope of reviewing this procedure, with less stringent provisions, should the contagion curve and epidemiological data improve.

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