Serie A: it will not be possible to deploy the new purchases as of June 30th


As widely expected, the FIGC in establishing the rules for the resumption of the championship has imposed that the teams will be able to field in the next matches of A league only players already registered this season. Here is Point 9 of the Official Press Release 207 / A governing the resumption of the championship:

For all competitions of the 2019/2020 sports season that will be restarted from the entry into force of this resolution, the teams will only be able to use the members on 11 June 2020.

This will mean that no player who in the meantime should be registered by the team after 1 July, whether it is a return from a loan or a purchase made before the stop for Covid, will be able to play for his new team. This rule should push the teams and the players to find the agreement for the extension of the contracts of two months, as done by Parma and Juventus with Kulusevski.

Shooting championship, changes rose from 25 in Serie A

No corrective rule for the 25-a-side squad for Serie A, therefore it is assumed that there will not be a delivery of a new list by the twenty teams who will however be able to make changes following the rules already established. Apart from the cases of substitutions necessary for players no longer in the squad, it is possible to carry out two free changes for movement players.

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