Serie A in the clear: here are how many and which games are at stake


MILAN – Free kick to the sprint. But if from the front of Spadafora optimism, an exchange of letters between Sky is Mediaset, which took place in these hours, confirms that the goal is not so close. In fact, a letter left from Santa Giulia in the direction of Biscione to explain that the reduction of the highlights embargo would have been granted when the go-ahead for free-to-air matches on “TV8” had arrived. Mediasethowever, she remains firm on her positions, those explained last week through a warning to grant only to Sky the transmission of the races in the clear.

Execution blocked

In the meantime, Spadafora personally maintains contact with all broadcasters in an attempt to reach an overall agreement. The hypothesis that is being worked on is that the free-to-play matches are limited to the recoveries of the next weekend and the next round. They will be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 and should not involve the big teams. The reduction of the embargo for Rai is Mediaset, as already emerged, would instead have validity until the end of the tournament. “Thanks to the good work done by my office we are well advanced – said the Minister on Facebook – Not all but only a few will be visible. Sky holds the encrypted rights, while those relating to free-to-air matches have never been assigned. We need to agree on many different actors and it cannot be easy, but we are succeeding».

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Spadafora: “Championship in the clear? We are succeeding”

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