Serie A clear, yes of Sky and Dazn but it is stormy with Mediaset


A step forward has been taken both with Sky with either Dazn, but, after the three races of Italian Cup, there is still no agreement to broadcast a couple of matches in the clear A league and to anticipate the time of broadcasting of the highlights. Indeed, yesterday there was a step backwards because Mediaset she sent a letter of formal notice to the League in which she makes it clear that she also wants the free matches. A beautiful storm.

TV rights series A, Mediaset’s request

The Biscione group was the first (but in via Rosellini they suspect that it will not be the only one) to express its discontent over the hypothesized transmission on TV8 of a match of the package of Sky (Atalanta-Sassuolo on Saturday 20) and one visible on the web for all those of Dazn (probably Verona-Cagliari always on Saturday 20 or one of those of the twenty-seventh day: Verona-Naples, Genoa-Parma or Inter-Sassuolo). At the moment the solution to the study is 2 challenges on the weekend of 20-21, but the cards on the table can change. Mediaset has sent a letter specifying that, in the absence of a government decision regarding the transmission of one or more A matches in the clear, she also wants to have the opportunity to disseminate the images. If the Lega will give this faculty to broadcast 1/2 meetings on digital terrestrial, the TV of Berlusconi wants to buy the rights. If you are not given this opportunity, you are ready to request through an emergency measure (article 700 of the code of civil procedure) to block the transmission. A similar initiative could also implement it Rai and in theory all the other national TVs (for example La 7). Why did Mediaset “order” the altolà? Why a match on TV8 could lead to a substantial decrease in Biscioneaudience.

Serie A TV rights, the meeting with Dazn

In via Rosellini they define the scenario very complicated to manage. Also yesterday the CEO De Siervo he has had contacts with TVs, including Rai and Mediaset, but it is equally evident that agreeing all the parts does not seem simple. A ministerial decree would solve everything, but Spadafora he wants to avoid going this way by preferring dialogue. At the Rai the right to advance can be granted 90 ° Minute at 21.15 and an hourly advance can also be given to Mediaset (which has the least prized of the packages for the highlights), but it seems that in Cologno Monzese it is not enough. After the Wednesday summit between the minister and SkyMeanwhile, yesterday the trusted men of the owner of the sports ministry met Dazn. The climate of the summit with Giusi Viani, web tv manager, he was excellent and also Dazn has shown an opening to broadcast a game visible to everyone.

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