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MILAN – Free kick, today is it decided? It is very likely that it will be a fundamental day. In fact, in the afternoon there will be the expected meeting between the minister Spadafora and the CEO of Sky, Ibarra. The plan of the owner of the sports department has been known for some time: the championship must start again with some images visible to everyone and not only to those who subscribe to pay TV. It was first mentioned in March, when the last day before the stop was staged, the one held behind closed doors. Then there were controversies. Now, however, after this road has also been taken abroad, in different “configurations”, it seems that a path has been identified that should lead to a agreement. At least that’s what Spadafora hopes, based on the interlocutions in recent weeks, not only with Sky, but also with Dazn, also owner of a part of the rights for the encrypted, plus the couple Rai is Mediaset, which instead holds those for the highlights.

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No forcing

In any case, there is now a double scenario on the table: on the one hand, the transmission of some unencrypted races, on the other, the so-called “Direct Goal”. But the latter solution is losing hits, given that too many windows where games are distributed are considered. As already underlined, there are more interlocutors to please and Spadafora would like to avoid any kind of forcing. It has already been explained to all broadcasters how this choice should not be interpreted in terms of a punishment against them, but solely of the desire to meet the population, giving a signal. The minister would prefer to avoid regulatory intervention, but if necessary he has already announced that he will not back down. Maybe it will be necessary to formally intervene to “suspend” the law Melandri, which, in fact, does not provide rights for the clear. However, it would only be a technical step. […]

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