Serie A algorithm, scudetto, relegations: here is the Lega’s proposal in case of a new stop – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The proposal of the Serie A clubs: if the championship suffers further suspensions, only the qualifications for the next European cups will be decided by a projection based on the average points

During the League meeting in the afternoon, the clubs shared a large majority of plan B, that relating to the early closure of the championship. A need that everyone hopes should not be taken into consideration, but an alternative scenario exists today: 16 companies (4 abstained) voted on the plan. In the event of a stop, if there are no verdicts already arithmetically assigned from the field, the winner of the championship and relegation will not be indicated. The hypothesis of the algorithm failed. The final ranking will in any case be formulated thanks to a simple calculation: the average points (at home and away) multiplied by the respective missing matches. In fact, it will serve to assign the European, Champions and Europa League positions. Now the ball goes to the Federal Council.

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