Serena Grandi: “They ruined my life, I had breast cancer and they didn’t notice it”


“They ruined my life, I had breast cancer and they didn’t notice it: it will take two more years for the reconstruction and to return as I was before.” The confession of Serena Grandi has come to Your Facts and created a great hype: the eighties sex symbol icon, protagonist of cult films such as Miranda by Tinto Brass, told the details of the disease that attacked her, revealing some background. In some interviews he had already spoken of his ordeal saying that he had “lost a breast, but found life”.

«Gaping medical record»

Now the Bolognese actress, born in 1958, who built her character and her film career on attractiveness, wants to clarify and explain what really happened. “I had a cosmetic surgery planned to fix it a little bit and the doctors proposed adding a breast lift, but when they opened they found a 5cm carcinoma that I knew nothing about. They were the ones who had to know and see it, not I who am an actress. They closed and then reopened, playing with my health ». Serena Grandi says that it will take two years for the reconstruction and to have a breast as before and “go back to being a normal woman”. The affair ended in the hands of the lawyers and the lawyer Sgromo reveals that as many as four specialists have studied the case starting from “a deficient medical record”, up to an informed consent “also this unsuitable” and pre-operative examinations that went done before the surgery and that, therefore, would have identified the tumor.

The post on Instagram

The outburst was also entrusted to social networks where Grandi published a post on Instagram that leaves room for few doubts: «As an ancient Chinese proverb said, I await the corpses of my enemies on the river. I am not a grudging woman but in life I have learned that time is more than any gentleman. ” The actress, married (and then separated) in 1986 from the ex playboy to antiquarian Beppe Ercole from whom he had the son Edoardo, says he wanted to make the truth public to warn all the girls who rely on cosmetic surgeons for improve your appearance. “I decided to speak because those who decide to undergo an operation must always put themselves in good hands and not in the clutches of improvised doctors”.

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