Sensi, the price is not convincing. Conte appreciates it, but Inter aims to get a discount from Sassuolo


Ok the price is not fair. Paraphrasing the famous Iva Zanicchi transmission we could photograph the future of Stefano Sensi Inter. Too 22 million cash for his ransom. Above all net of the continuous injuries, 5 in this season which indicate the serious predisposition to muscle fragility. Despite the constant reassurances of his agent Giuseppe Riso, the price of Urbino midfielder is under discussion. Inter would redeem it willingly on condition of a significant discount by Sassuolo, which instead aims to collect 20-22 million cash. Without counterparts young as happened in the past with Jens Odgaard is Marco Sala to lower the price. A skein difficult to untangle, net of a high technical appreciation from the parts of Viale della Liberazione for the pocket director.

Antonio Conte esteem it and in pink there is no mezzala with the technical characteristics of the ex Cesena, even if the physical fragility compared to a warrior like Arturo Vidal or Radja Nainggolan authorizes some reflections in the Nerazzurri house. The loan is likely to be extended to August 31 to delay the ransom talk from late June to late August. In good time also for Sensi to heal and finally return to the protagonist. The season finale will be important for all parties involved: Sensi will have to remove doubts about his physical strength and establish himself again as an Inter player. Otherwise, a robust Sassuolo discount (15 million the new price?) Will be needed to facilitate a redemption which, for granted, risks becoming a little more complicated. The excellent Marotta-Carnevali relations suggest a happy ending, given the gentleman agreement last summer, when the nerazzurri burnt the competition of Barça and Milan for the 1995 class. The discount mission has started: will Sassuolo be satisfied?

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