Seized load of gowns and headphones directed to Verona


Seized at the port of Ancona, on a lorry landed from a ferry from Durres, a load of 2,300 lab coats and 10 thousand disposable headphones, products in Albania, with counterfeit CE marking, intended for a dealer in the province of Verona. The counterfeit branded goods were discovered by officials of the Customs Agency and Monopoli (ADM), Ancona Customs Office.

Using the databases provided, the customs officials, after careful checks on the goods on the documentation presented in support, contested the reato of sale of industrial products with false signs and seized personal protective equipment. The CE mark, explains the Customs and Monopolies Agency, “in fact represents for the consumer a guarantee of conformity of the products on which it is affixed to the Union standard, attesting the quality and safety of the products that are provided for the entire cycle of use. ».

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