SEGA: the revolutionary announcement is FOG Gaming, here are the details


This morning SAW she woke up with the desire to make several announcements. Just a few minutes ago, in fact, the Japanese multinational announced the Geam Gear Micro effectively bringing us back a handful of years, which will be released (for now) only on Japanese soil on October 6 of this year. The Tokyo-based company blew out sixty candles today and, in addition to the announcement mentioned above, recently presented the service FOG Gaming.

FOG Gaming is one platform based on the cloud service and specifically designed for arcade cabinets and the Japanese arcades. Being the announcement new, its use is not yet clear. We are well aware, however, that it will keep the arcade cabinets active allowing managers to earn money even during closing hours, as of today it is not yet clear how.

For all those people who expected a highly relevant announcement, they will most likely be disappointed as regardless of how it works explicitly affects arcades which we in the West, unfortunately, are now extinct. For the Asian market instead this news should clearly break the concept of arcade cabinet allowing in two benefits for both consumers and managers. We will certainly let you know as soon as more details are presented.

Between the two announcements, therefore, the Game Gear Micro is the one that could really be of interest to us Westerners, especially to the long-standing gamers. Who knows if in the future it will also be announced for the old continent, for more details we invite you accordingly to follow our pages. What do you think of this news anyway? Did you hope SEGA announced something different? Let us know in the comments below in the appropriate section.

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