Sega directly advertises the Microsoft service, inviting you to play its titles there –


Saw started to promote directly Xbox Game Pass and its games on the Microsoft subscription service, with messages published on Twitter in which the Japanese publisher invites users to play his titles in this way.

“Enjoy Sega games on the Xbox Game Pass”, reads the tweet, which presents Football Manager 2020, Alien: Isolation, Yakuza Kiwami and more with lots of animation, as you can see in the tweet shown below.

It is a situation that may seem strange, because it’s as if Sega clearly tells users to play their titles on the Xbox Game Pass instead of buying them, in a move apparently counterproductive. Normally, one would think that a publisher would prefer not to promote this possibility too much, with the risk that the presence on the Game Pass could damage the sales of the games.

In truth, all this shows how the organization of Xbox Game Pass is more complex than you might think, with the service it has positive influences on publishers other than directly selling copies on stores. Not knowing exactly the terms of the agreement between Sega and Microsoft, we can make assumptions: Sega has obviously obtained some compensation from the house of Redmond to place its titles in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, so this is already a source of income and may have convinced the publisher to invest in this partnership, which could lead to further additions in the catalog in the future.

The agreements could provide royalties related to the amount of downloads or actual use of the games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, therefore Sega’s desire to push the players to use their titles on the service. These are only some assumptions that can be made for the moment, but what seems obvious enough is that between Microsoft and Sega there is a excellent relationship on the Xbox Game Pass front, which may offer additional benefits for future subscribers.

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