“Second wave possible, but it will be less violent”. 355 new infections


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Have a nice Sunday. The increase in infections is falling everywhere: 210 in Lombardy (almost 60% of the total), 54 in Piedmont, 31 in Emilia Romagna, 13 in Lazio, 12 in Liguria and all other regions under 10. Except for Umbria on the fifth consecutive day without new cases , Calabria in fourth and today a zero infections Sardinia, Molise, Basilicata. Again the deaths drop quite a hundred (75). The current positives (42,075) decreased so much that they returned to the levels of March 21 (42,681) and the hospitalized in intensive care and Covid wards (6,840) even those of 11 March (6,866).

In short, tomorrow seems to have more rosy shades. “Now we use masks when necessary, we respect the distances, the correct behaviors have entered normalcy and these are signs that can make us look to the future with confidence”He explains Silvio Brusaferro, president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità: “Other very positive elements are the level of global attention to the problem, the measures taken at national level and the imposing efforts in scientific research, for example for the development of vaccines”. And if a second wave remains possible, however “it will be less violent“.

After all, “the zero risk does not exist – underlines the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza -, you will have it when there is a vaccine and hopefully in the shortest possible time. Until then weighted risks must be taken“, Taking into account that” behaviors remain the key “and that, although data has progressively improved since 4 May,”prudence and gradualness must remain our guide“. Adds the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri: “We have always adopted the line of utmost prudence, we have always said that the first measure for the economy is to defeat the coronavirus“.

Sparse order? However, in view of the reopening on Wednesday, some apprehension is making its way. Like, for example, “la great concern for stations and airports like Termini, Fiumicino and Ciampino “, explains the Lazio Regional Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato. Like several Regions that will move in any case in any order, with some of the Central South lined up in a kind of front of no (at the same reopening for all), headed by the Sardinian governor Christian Solinas and the Campania governor Vincenzo De Luca.

We come to the daily update from the Civil Protection Department.

New infections. I’m 355 (Sunday 531, Monday 300, Tuesday 397, Wednesday 584, Thursday 593, Friday 516 and yesterday 416), 210 of these are registered in Lombardy (Sunday 285, Monday 148, Tuesday 159, Wednesday 186 + 198, Thursday 382, ​​Friday 354 and yesterday 221) and 54 in Piedmont (Thursday 58, Friday 56 and yesterday 82). The swabs made are 54.118 (Sunday 55.824, Monday 35.241, Tuesday 57.674, Wednesday 67.324, Thursday 75.893, Friday 72.135 and yesterday 69.342), with a positivity ratio that remains salt by a whisker at 0.7% compared to the recorded minimum of 0 , 6%.

Dead. I’m 75 (Sunday 53, Monday 92, Tuesday 78, Wednesday 117, Thursday 70, Friday 87 and yesterday 111) e 33 of these are in Lombardy (Sunday 3, Monday 34, Tuesday 22, Wednesday 58, Thursday 20, Friday 38 and yesterday 67). The national total rises to 33415 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Total of cases. I’m 233019 the people who contracted Covid-19 (including healed and deceased) since the start of the pandemic, that is, the infected persons identified so far.

Positive news. I’m 42,075 (Sunday 56.594, Monday 55.300, Tuesday 52.942, Wednesday 50.966, Thursday 47.986, Friday 46.175 and yesterday 43.691), 1,616 less than yesterday (Sunday minus 1,158, Monday 1,294, Tuesday 2,358, Wednesday minus 1,976, Thursday minus 2,980, Friday minus 1,811 and yesterday minus 2,484).

Hospitalized in intensive care. I’m 435 (Sunday 553, Monday 541, Tuesday 521, Wednesday 505, Thursday 489, Friday 475 and yesterday 450).

Admitted to ordinary hospital wards. I’m 6,387 people (Sunday 8.613, Monday 8.185, Tuesday 7.917, Wednesday 7.729, Thursday 7.379, Friday 7.094 and yesterday 6.680), 293 less than yesterday.

In isolation without symptoms or with mild symptoms. I’m 35253 people (Sunday 47.428, Monday 46.574, Tuesday 44.504, Wednesday 42.732, Thursday 40.188, Friday 38.606 and yesterday 36.651), that is always 84% of the current positives.

Heal and resign. They are altogether 1,874 (Sunday 1.639, Monday 1.502, Tuesday 2.677, Wednesday 2.443, Thursday 3.503, Friday 2.240 and yesterday 2.799), bringing the total number from the beginning of the pandemic to 157,507.

In detail, the currently positive cases are 20,996 in Lombardy, 5,161 in Piedmont, 3,163 in Emilia-Romagna, 2,983 in Lazio, 1,500 in Veneto, 1,338 in the Marche, 1,177 in Puglia, 1,111 in Tuscany, 986 in Sicily, 980 in Campania, 753 in Abruzzo (who did not send the update on data on home isolation and discharged / healed) , 669 in Liguria, 304 in the autonomous Province of Trento, 278 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 185 in Sardinia, 145 in Molise, 144 in Calabria, 127 in the autonomous Province of Bolzano, 31 in Umbria, 29 in Basilicata and 15 in Aosta Valley.

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