Second wave Covid, Galli: “Wrong suspend masks”


    <h2>Your doctor warns you of the risks of lowering your guard during this delicate phase of the coronavirus epidemic</h2>


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    <p>"We cannot rule out a new wave from autumn, and this seems to me to be in contradiction with the choice of Lombardy to remove the obligation to use the mask. <strong>I hope the new coronavirus will disappear, as has happened with Sars</strong>, but I find it hard to believe. " Massimo Galli, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, says this to Repubblica's microphones.

“It seems to me that the use of masks has so far been quite random, not consistently respected by everyone. Stopping its use now is premature, it’s a wrong signal. He puts the cart before the oxen. The virus is still among us. There have been new outbreaks, for example at San Raffaele in Rome or at Niguarda in Milan, which tell us that it is still worth keeping, “added the infectious disease specialist.

Regarding the mask, he stressed that “it is early to leave her at home. Many will continue to use it regardless, many others will continue to care about it as they have done so far ”.

I would have preferred more tests and less plexiglass, more tests and less masks“He explained to Repubblica. “The weight of prevention is all on the shoulders of citizens. The mask could be dispensed with if tracking was guaranteed. Instead: where are we in the restoration of territorial medicine? Who works on the coordination of general practitioners? These are fundamental questions to face an unfortunate return of the epidemic “.

The Istituto Superiore di Sanità talks about new infections calling them ‘weakly positive’. However “there is no counter-proof. While many weakly positive people don’t pass the infection, we are not sure that any of them cannot transmit it. I think we should fix a Piave line. For hospital and RSA operators, workers in contact with the public and those in schools, the activity should not resume before the negative effect of the swab“.

Massimo Galli is therefore added to the list of experts who criticize the new WHO guidelines regarding tampons and quarantine. For the World Health Organization it is no longer necessary to carry out a double swab to confirm the negative effect on the coronavirus, but three days without symptoms are enough to call yourself cured.

The high number of infections in Lombardy, according to what the expert told Repubblica, it should not necessarily favor a second wave. “The cases in Lombardy are, in the vast majority, like snails that put their heads out of the shell after the rain. They are people who after the quarantine undergo the test and, finding themselves positive, make a swab. I am not surprised by the positives and they are not necessarily an expression of a high contagiousness“.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 23-06-2020 07:26

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