Second edition of the master’s degree in Recreational Therapy announced (30/06/2020)


The day of the theses of the first cycle of 1st level Master in Recreational Therapy, born in 2018 from the collaboration betweenVita-Salute San Raffaele University, Dynamo Camp Onlus and Dynamo Academy, with the aim of training academically professionals in the health professions who will create courses of Recreational Therapy. The Master is the first European Master in Recreational Therapy in front of numerous courses of the same level and also of degree present in the United States of America. It involves teachers from the three faculties of Medicine and Surgery, Psychology, Philosophy of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and of the Temple University of Philadelphia, therefore with a vocation of multidisciplinarity and internationalization.

The Recreational Therapy born in the United States, developed over the years by the Camp founded by Paul Newman, and landed in Italy thanks to Dynamo Camp in 2007, constitutes an experience improving the quality of life for hundreds of children involved every year, on a psychological level, motor and vital impetus. The evidence of the results and the ambition to improve the operators’ skills have become, through Dynamo Academy, the motivation for collaboration with UniSr, also with a view to jobs for improving the quality of life in situations that do not only concern children, but also their families and the emotional load of the operators. Some of the theses have dealt with this, proposing suggestions for application even outside the conventional application such as the burnout of health personnel, a topic that is more current than ever, but foreseen in thesis projects well before the dark days that we have just experienced.

The project was also carried out thanks to the non-conditioning contribution of BMW and Novartis, partner of Dynamo Academy in the development of innovative projects.

On the occasion of the thesis discussion on Thursday 2 July at 4.30 pm UniSR and Dynamo Academy organized a special event broadcast live by Corriere della Sera / Buone Notizie which will trace the main growth objectives within this academic path and contextualize them to the current global landscape.

The discussion will be conducted on Thursday 2 July at 4.30 pm on Paolo Foschini, journalist for Corriere della Sera, together with Professor Roberto Cavallaro, Director of the Master and Serena Porcari, CEO of Dynamo Academy and President of Dynamo Camp Onlus. Professor Roberto Mordacci, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Vita Salute University, Professor Anna Ogliari, professor of Clinical Psychology, and Rectoral Delegate for Disability and Equal Opportunities of UniSR, Professor Alexis McKenney, Program Director of the Temple University of Philadelphia in addition to the students protagonists of the Master.

The Master continues with its second edition of which the new Call for participation will be available very soon, thanks also to the maintenance of the non-conditioning contribution of Novartis and BMW.

For information the address is already active: [email protected]

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