Schools reopened in September with face-to-face lessons


There are 233,836 infections from Coronavirus in Italy according to what was recorded in the latest Civil Protection bulletin. Of these, 33,601 died and 160,092 recovered. Yesterday 321 positive cases were recorded, 846 recovered and 71 victims. Here is the map of contagion region by region:

Lombardy: 89,442

Piedmont: 30,734

Emilia Romagna: 27,842

Veneto: 19.164

Tuscany: 10,121

Liguria: 9,751

Lazio: 7,753

Brands: 6,735

Campania: 4,821

Puglia: 4,499

Trento: 4,433

Sicily: 3,447

Friuli VG: 3,276

Abruzzo: 3,252

Bolzano: 2,598

Umbria: 1,431

Sardinia: 1,357

Aosta Valley: 1,187

Calabria: 1,158

Molise: 436

Basilicata: 399

Since yesterday, the regions have reopened their borders: it is therefore possible to move freely between Italian regions without the obligation of self-certification. In the press conference held yesterday afternoon, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte outlined the guidelines for the coming months: from the maintenance of the rules on distances and the use of the mask to the recovery plan, the premier illustrated the project of “rebirth of the Italy “, and declared that Phase 2 has been tough and is not yet finished, but the phase of Italy’s economic and social reconstruction will be even more complex. From taxation to transport, passing through digitization and social equality, there were several issues touched by the Prime Minister during the press conference. The school will resume in September, as planned, and with face-to-face lessons.

There are over 6.4 million Coronavirus infections worldwide, with over 380 thousand deaths. Spain has decided to reward all doctors, nurses and other health workers with the Princess of Asturias award; for the first time Sweden admits that there have been too many deaths in the country, also caused by the choice not to impose the lockdown. Austria reopens its borders to all European countries, with the exception of Italy.

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